Mark and Chris are finally getting organised and the quiz is happening this Friday night (Oct 23rd) from 7.00pm!

— Quiz Night —

At 7pm on Friday (23rd of October) we are hosting an online quiz, where out LOL-Clubbers will work in teams to win the brain boxes of Brackley accolade!

We will send out a link to all our regular attendees emails on WEDNESDAY the 21st - so if you don't hear from us PLEASE get in touch!!!

The evening will be light hearted fun - with a mixture of questions, songs and other challenges to get your grey cells working!

We look forward to seeing you all online and joining us as we trial our first full evening of fun!

Download this brilliantly designed TRUE/FALSE A4 answers page so you can print off at home!
You might just need it in the quiz!!

Please get in contact if you have any questions about the quiz or how to log in.