- LOL-Club Treasure Hunt -

We would love you to compete in the LOL-Club Treasure Hunt (2020)!

This takes the form of a walk around Brackley, following directions and solving some devious cryptic clues along the way. The Treasure Hunt can be undertaken any time between Sunday 4th October and Thursday 30th October. Your answers should be emailed (no later than Sunday, 1st November) to:


We very much welcome LOL-Clubbers, parents/guardians and siblings to form 'family teams' for the event.

Alternatively, LOL-Club members from the same 'bubble' could form a team, or invite friends from their school bubble to join in the fun with them.

Teams should be limited to a maximum of 6 treasure hunters. It is anticipated the walk would take about an hour or so, including riddle-solving time, and there could be an amazing prize for the winners!!

All the answers are visible from outdoor public land, there is no need to enter any buildings or cross private property.

It isn't a race!!... the highest score for clue-solving would win. In the event of a tie, an 'Observation' question, based on the route, will be posed as a tie-breaker.

To join in the fun:

  • Click the link button below (when active) to download the directions, clues and Team Answer sheet
  • Alternatively email goldenwellie@gmail.com and we can send you all you need.
  • After you have completed the treasure hunt, email your answers to us (as a photo or pdf), or place them in an envelope marked 'LOL-Club Treasure Hunt' and pop it through the Church's letterbox* by Friday 16th October.

(*If posting through the letterbox, please email us so we know to go and collect from the Church!)

Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

To download the questions for the treasure Hunt -
please click on the link below:

Few courtesy/safety rules

  • Please feel free to use the grounds at the Church to park.
  • Can we please also encourage you to make sure you follow road safety measures - remember this is not a race so you are under no pressure to finish quickest...
  • Social distancing - please make sure you adhere the current government rules and guidelines. That your group us within the current rules of six.
  • Most of all - have fun!