LOL-Club Charity Exercise Bike Charity Challenge for Charity 2023

Our brilliantly over enthusiastic group will be taking 20-minute turns to ride as far as possible, with each distance being recorded and added to the grand total... Once their time is up, they will swap with someone else and so the ride continues 'smoothy'!!

Everyone gets multiple rides and will cover as much distance as they possibly can. This will give us our grand total at midday on Saturday where we can see how far we got!Our hope is to cover the completed distance of 837 miles, or if at all possible, we will try to beat that and aim for a whopping 1000 miles!

The sponsorship money raised by this activity will be used in the construction of a new school in the Gambia. A safe and secure place for young children to have a chance in life and gain an education.

Why Gambia?

Gambia is the smallest country in mainland Africa and is one of the poorest countries in the World. Children there, especially those away from the capital don't have an opportunity to get any kind of education, and those who do seek one have very dangerous journeys to schools that can be miles from where they live. The distance that children need to walk can be miles and miles with those journeys fraught with danger, from being attacked, kidnapped or even raped.

Why are we raising money to help build a school?

Brackley Baptist Church has been closely affiliated with the Madiana Community Church in the Gambia for over 20 years, with parties from both sides visiting and supporting each other. The Church in Brackley has been raising funds during this period which has helped with the initial construction materials to start the school along with previous projects too. The Madiana Community Church are building a secure and safe school that is close to local children to give them the best opportunities in life.

So why are LOL-Club doing this?

LOL-Club are proud to be able host this small but significant charity ride, our aim is to raise as much money as we can to make a genuinely BIG difference in the lives of the Madiana children. To help inspire our group of 11 to 15 year attendees, by giving up a few hours of their time they can really make a change. We appreciate that times are hard for many people in the UK at the moment, so we thank you for your support, we know every penny can make a difference!

If anyone would like to sponsor us, you can do so via Go Fund Me here: