— What is LOL-Club?

The LOL-Club is a Friday evening Youth Club taking place during term times at the Brackley Baptist Church. Our aim is to provide kids with a safe environment in which to socialise and join in organised games and other fun activities. LOL-Club is open to all young people in school years 6*, 7, 8 and 9.

(*Please note we only take children in school year 6 from the Christmas break onward during that academic year - this is to help integrate them with older children who they may be joining in school the following September.)

We host the club every Friday night during term time from 7pm to 8.45pm where we have a varied and all encompassing mixture of evenings... We are not like a standard Youth Group where the kids are left to play with what ever the club have available...

Our philosophy is to provide a different, fun and exciting evening of entertainment each and every week. Whether we are solving puzzles, hosting quizzes, playing messy games or getting them to play in the pitch black! LOL-Club is all about variety and having a good time as a group!

We charge a nominal 50p entry to the club (the first week is free), as a non profit making club these fees are put back into club funds to pay for trips away that we try to have at least 3 times in an academic year (though this is not guaranteed). These trips vary from swimming, bowling to laser quest - we have even been quad biking!

We also run a tuck shop, where we have a variety of sweets and drinks available, we do have a spend cap of 50p on sweets and then they can buy a can of pop too... again our tuck shop is non profit - so they can get more than enough sweets for their money! 

The Club is an outreach of the Baptist Church who back us financially - we do not 'preach' or push our beliefs at the children in any way, all we ask is that they respect our zero swearing rule - along the other club house rules! Visit: www.brackleybaptist.org.uk

Key Facts

Club times:

  1. Friday evenings, start 7.00pm, finish 8.45pm*
    (on occasions these times may vary. eg. In order to allow time to return from club trips etc)

What happens:

  1. Most weeks will involve; games, relays, quizzes, crafts, sports and so on...
  2. Once a term, we hopefully, aim to go on a club trip (ice-skating, bowling, swimming etc).


  1. All leaders at LOL-Club are unpaid volunteers, who have some connection to Brackley Baptist Church.
  2. We will ensure there will ALWAYS be both Male and Female leaders attending.
  3. All leaders have undergone a CRB check.


  1. The club will not and does not make a profit
  2.  Staff are unpaid volunteers
  3. The use of the hall and running costs are met by Brackley Baptist Church
  4. We charge just 50p per week to enter the club (subs). All raised funds from these subs are used to help pay for club trips during the year - we aim to go on one per term, though this is not guaranteed.
  5. We offer a club tuck shop, with a small range of drinks and sweets. We have a £1 maximum spend limit and again this is non profit making, with all funds used to purchase more 'tuck'.


  1. In order that the kids have some 'ownership' of the club, we have included them in the rule-making process, as well as in the choice of events/activities that they take part in. 
  2. We would like to highlight one key rule now - we have a NO RE-ADMITTANCE policy.
    We feel it is unfair for volunteers to share any responsibility for kids who wander in and out of the club during the evening, so our policy will be:

    Once a child had left, they will not be readmitted
    We will attempt to contact the parent/guardian to inform them the child has left the club.
  3. We cannot provide transport to or from LOL-Club. We ask that parents PLEASE be prompt in collecting their children at the end of the evening. (Though we can't guarantee to be finished bang on 8.45pm we do try our hardest!)